Successful media strategy


Title: Drugs set your Timeline
Client: Israel Anti-Drug Authority
Brief: Use Facebook’s new Timeline feature to show clean vs
drug-addicted life
Agency: McCann Digital Israel
Executive creative: director Nir Refuah
Creative director: Ami Alush
Writer: Daniel Barak
Art director: Nir Herszdtat
Production: Inbal Fanan
Photographer: Gooli Cohen
Account manager: Keren Ashkenazi – Advertising news INFORMATION – Campaign Screenshots – the stats, the results – JEWISH CHRONICLE – Daily Dot – AWARD – TWITTER THEY HAVE CHOSEN SOCIAL MEDIA? – Interview

Israelis are reported to be the world’s biggest users of online social networks. And now, one of the country’s media agencies has put this fact to good use by launching an eye-catching campaign for the Israel Anti-Drug Authority.

McCann Digital Israel have used Facebook’s new Timeline format to show a drug-user’s life over a series of months for their new campaign titled “Drugs set your Timeline”.

Pictures include the fictional Adam Barak being thrown out of his apartment by his girlfriend and sleeping on the street and contrast an alternate, drug-free scenario, which shows a clean-shaven young man enjoying a normal life.





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