Bizarre exhibits form international relations?


Do you find this exhibit extraordinary?
Do you think art can become a common ground for two nations for their further cooperation?
Don’t you know how this may be related to the dialogue between Lithuania and Croatia?


The Croatian exhibition “Body Jewelry” was inspired by a Cultural Affairs attache in Austria Rita Valiukonyte. Having seen the exhibition with body jewelry in Zagreb, she advised Lithuanian gallery “MENO NISA” (where actually the exhibition takes place) to cooperate, which resulted in the Croatian exhibition which can be visited from 5th Novemer to 18th of November. As the curator puts it, “This exhibition may be extremely important for us and Croatia”.

For those who are looking for the context (why, when, where…), a photo collage from the exhibition opening with tags is available:

According to the art expert of “MENO NISA”, Sonata Baliuckaite, now it is much easier to cooperate between two countries (in this particular case: Lithuania and Crotia) as Croatia has recently become a member state of the EU.  Furthermore, this can be estimated as a breakthrough in the art since nobody has never made any projects in this field before. The expert adds that this exhibition is based on the idea of transforming the function of jewelry: it is no more a decoration, beauty attribute, but rather practical tool aimed at communicating with a viewer, playing with his imagination and provoking to re-estimate the stereotype of “jewelry as decoration”.

photo 3

The expert insists that the exhibition is a great opportunity to re-explore Croatia as it is only a touristic object for many Lithuanians. Now, having attended the gallery, they can find out that Croatia is an extremely cultural and creative country as well.  Thus, the works and the topic are really different from what is popular in Lithuania, it can be really interesting for Lithuanian artists and exhibition’s visitors to broaden they horizons by getting acquainted with the art they have never seen and experienced before.

The most peculiar thing about the exhibition is that its centre is the body itself. The expert says that a visitor can be surprised by mane “artistic inventions”, such as a mandrel for a broken arm, a wig, glasses, or even a ring in the form of matches box.

photo 4

There is no Embassy of Croatia in Lithuania yet, but there is a Bureau of Croatian affairs which has significantly contributed to the development of the exhibition. Its initiators hope that this exhibition will become a bridge between two nations and cultures: Lithuanian and Croatian and it will only reinforce the relationship between these two countries.

Below, there is an interview with Sonata Baliuckaite as well as some exhibits from the gallery. The expert tells about the significance of the exhibition for Lithuania as a European country and an art field, speaks about the authors of the exhibition, the idea and the concept of pieces of art.

If you are looking for some specific details, you can find it here. Here is the record of the curator answering the question about the significance of the exhibition:

More information about the exhibition in media can be found here:


Want to see this and more? Visit the exhibition which is open until November 10th, 2013.